2018 Hundested | Denmark


Mit «floating lines» zeigt Niedermann seine Faszination für Illusion und Fragilität in neuer Form. Der Bergeller hat sich mit Mehrschichtigkeiten im Glas auseinandergesetzt. Seine jüngsten und erstmals gezeigten Objekte sind von kontrastreichen Linien durchflossen und durchschwebt. Das Innenleben unter der Oberfläche ist sichtbar, transparent; aber wie bei einem DNA-Strang sind Anfang und Ende davon nicht auszumachen.

Solo Ausstellung Sept-Okt. 2018 | Galerie O | Schweiz.

2017 Penland | NC | USA

2016 Murano | Venice | Italy


“Persona” Swiss phychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung stated in his work revolving human facades that: „Persona is the individual‘s system of adaptation to, or the manner he assumes in dealing with, the world, and is referred to by Jung as „masks“.

However personas can be tricky and is to be carried with caution; those who identify too strongly with their personas, can run into problems when not being able to disconnect from them. If the persona is excessive, then our authentic personality evanesces until it becomes practically unrecognizable.

This work expresses the multiple layers of masks we as humans wear in different societies and states of our lifes: From the transparent invisible and innocent mask still recognizable for the personal enviroment to the dark shadow lingering mask deeply anchored in human uncounciousness and hard for the wearer and surroundings to identify.

38x 26x 14 cm – glass


2015 Nürnberg | Bavaria | Germany


“composizione”-  blue 26x 15x 15 / lila 22x 20x 20/ green 20x 28x 28 – glass


2015 Nürnberg | Bavaria | Germany


“meteor”-  1. 24x 22x 22 / 2. 20x 18x 18 – glass


2014 Nürnberg | Bavaria | Germany


“Fuggifuggi”-  30x 15x 15


2010 Zwiesel | Bavarian Forest | Germany


“illusion”-  1.  40x 40x 4 cm / 2. 35x 35x 5 cm – Gesellenstück – glass


2009 Zwiesel | Bavarian Forest | Germany


“bingo”-  15x 24x 24 cm – glass


2008 Zwiesel | Bavarian Forest | Germany 


“bobbel”-  15x 10x 25 – glass